An unforgettable cruise


Come and see for yourself the beauty of nature!


1. start

Cruises on Uvac Lake and the meanders of Uvac are performed by ships and catamarans that depart from the dam on Rastoke every day except Monday in the following terms

2. cruise

Cruise through Uvac Lake and Uvac meanders 16 km long in one direction. Disembarkation when visiting the Ice Cave and walking tour to the lookout point. During this tour you will have the opportunity to see the griffon vulture – the king of this sky!

3. ice cave

Below the steep limestone cliffs of the Uvac canyon, there is an entrance to one of the most attractive caves in Serbia – the Ice Cave. This cave in the Uvac canyon is one of the most beautiful in Serbia, and it is a real hidden pearl because it can only be reached by boat across Uvac Lake.

4. viewpoint

For all adventure lovers, a walking tour to the lookout is a real challenge. Pedestrians take the 1300m long marked trail. The viewpoint offers a panoramic view of the trapped meanders of the canyon valley of the river Uvac.


“Uvac” was placed under protection in order to preserve the griffon vulture – a rare species of vulture eagle, impressive in size, wingspan and up to 3 m, which makes it a powerful fighter whose flight was researched by aeronautical scientists and used in aircraft construction. The griffon vulture is a bird that does not kill, does not hunt prey, does not look for a victim. Its role in the food chain in the ecosystem is unique and irreplaceable – its only food is dead animals, which prevents the spread of infections and thus makes “natural recycling”. That is why this ecologist is appreciated all over the world. 

Uvac Canyon is world famous for its meanders, which wind for miles incised by the former Uvac River and now Uvac Lake. On both sides of the canyon there are several lookouts overlooking the meanders.

The area around the canyon is mostly rocky and overgrown with low grass, covered in places with pastures and forests. On the right bank there are several smaller villages of the broken type in the immediate vicinity of the meander, as well as the hill Molitva, one of the lookouts with the best view. The second lookout is located near the Girl’s Rock, a high rock formation about which there is a legend that a girl threw herself from it because of unrequited love.

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We also offer accommodation in Villa Zlatar on the mountain Uvac, overlooking Lake Uvac


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