Uvac cruising with catamaran ships


The Uvec cruise is performed by ships and catamarans departing from the dam on Rastoke. The tour consists of a boat ride through the winding, widely known meanders, a visit to the Ice Cave and a tour of the Prayer Lookout, which offers a view of the meanders and a colony of griffon vultures circling the sky above the lake. The tour lasts about 4 hours and a total of 32 kilometers in both directions. Food and drinks are available on board by arrangement. Due to the Corona virus epidemic, the Ice Cave was closed to visitors this summer, which is why it was not included in the tour.

“Uvac” was placed under protection in order to preserve the griffon vulture – a rare species of vulture eagle, impressive in size, wingspan and up to 3 m, which makes it a powerful fighter whose flight was researched by aeronautical scientists and used in aircraft construction. The griffon vulture is a bird that does not kill, does not hunt prey, does not look for a victim. Its role in the food chain in the ecosystem is unique and irreplaceable – its only food is dead animals, which prevents the spread of infections and thus makes “natural recycling”. That is why this ecologist is appreciated all over the world.


The Uvac Canyon is world-famous for its meanders, which wind for miles incised by the former Uvac River and now Uvac Lake. On both sides of the canyon there are several lookouts overlooking the meanders.

The area around the canyon is mostly rocky and overgrown with low grass, covered in places with pastures and forests. On the right bank there are several smaller villages of the broken type in the immediate vicinity of the meander, as well as the hill Molitva, one of the lookouts with the best view. The second lookout is located near the Girl’s Rock, a high rock formation about which there is a legend that a girl threw herself from it because of unrequited love.

The meanders of Uvac start a few kilometers behind Uvačko Lake (known among the locals as Sjenica Lake), which is great for swimming in summer, and which is one of the few places in the canyon where you can get to the water. There is also a suspension bridge, which allows crossing to the other side of the canyon.

Rangers regularly patrol the lake in boats, and take care of maintaining order and protecting nature.

Near the dam there is a feeding ground for griffon vultures, which looks spectacular when the rangers bring them food. Next to the hydroelectric power plant building, there is a cage for birds in rehabilitation, which can also be visited with rangers. If you want to catch the rangers, it’s best to come to the dam in the morning (around 8 in the morning; if the boat is there, wait, if not, you’re late).

It is also interesting to see Jerina’s town, which can be reached via water. It is located in the middle of the upper canyon. There is also the Ušački cave system, which goes all the way to the other side of the hill, to the village of Lopiže. The caves can be passed on foot, with a helmet but without speleological equipment, only with good lighting. The whole system is almost 6 km long (please do not break or take any souvenirs from the cave!).

There are a lot of hops in the canyon, especially in the lower part, so you should be careful when jumping on the rocks.

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